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This Listing is ONLY for the Month of June! This listing is for a 50 pc Wholesale Hair Jewelry, Nose Cuffs or Rings.

* Hair Jewelry- You will receive 50 Unique pieces. When it comes to Crystals or anything Chakra related you will receive no more than 10 pieces of that kind in total. The others will all be a mixture of Word Jewelry, Hair Jewelry Rings or other unique designs.

*Nose Cuffs- You will receive a mixture. You can choose between Ankh, Queen of Hearts, Infinity, Triangle, Hexagon, On & On (Circle). You can choose the designs from above or I can create my own freestyles.

Rings- You will receive 50 in total. All will include a mixture of Crystal Chips, Crystal Beads or freestyle unique Ring Designs.  

*None of these will include custom designs.*


Includes 50 pieces in total*

No you can’t mix and match ( ex:25 rings & 25 nose cuffs) *

These are great to add individual style to any look or give as a gift! Also it's great for people who like a lot of hair accessories, Unique Handmade Jewelry or Nose Cuffs. 

 Please Email me at to specify you wire color as well as the selected design/s.  

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