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10pc Mystery Loc/Hair Jewelry

10pc Mystery Loc/Hair Jewelry

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This is for a 10 piece mystery loc/hair jewelry, it's made out of 16 gauge non tarnishable wire. This is completely handmade so exact sizes may vary slightly.  It's great for any types of friends or family members that have locs/braids or twist. It can be used to spice up your hair, or even if you just want to add some sparkle this can be a statement piece! These are light weight but also very sturdy since they use thicker gauge wire it'll last a lot longer. It's great to add individual style to any look or give as a gift! Also it's great for people who like a lot of hair accessories and don't want to put many individual pieces in their hair.


This is for “10 pieces” total each piece is a mystery. No two will be alike.

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